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Study: Reengaging with Healthcare Systems

Gain key insights from our Emotion Intelligence study on consumer emotions toward in-person and remote telehealth care.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have been deciding how to reengage with healthcare systems. Using our proprietary Emotion Intelligence tool, we conducted a survey to explore the feelings and anticipated decisions consumers are grappling with on how they will interact with healthcare systems.

Findings from this study will be essential to healthcare professionals looking to rebound after the pandemic – for both in-person and remote telehealth visits.

Here are a few highlights from the study:

  • 4 new segments of patients have emerged.
  • Nearly half the population is “on the fence” about engaging in future in-person and remote visits with healthcare professionals. Appropriate messaging can have a significant impact on the decision process.
  • Primary care services have the greatest opportunity to increase visit volume post-COVID.
  • To regain consumer trust and optimize capacity levels, healthcare providers need to understand their community’s unique consumer segments and address each group accordingly.


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